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What to look for when buying used tires

GV Tires | What to look for when buying used tires | Used tires in New Westminster, Langley, Surrey, Burnaby and Coquitlam, as well as the surrounding areas

Tread Depth

When buying used tires, manually inspect the tire to make sure that the treads aren’t worn down too much. All you have to do is get a tire tread depth gauges , which is available at most hardware stores. Insert the gauge into the tread and read the scale. Anything below 4/32” is unsafe to drive.

Sidewall condition

Tires have two sidewalls, on the inner and outer edges of the tire. The sidewall will have important information written on it, such as the tire ply, passenger load, and age of the tire. Make sure that the tire’s sidewalls are free from cracks, cuts, bulges or excessive wear. In addition, if the sidewalls on your tires are unevenly worn, it could indicate an alignment issue.

Punctures, holes and repairs

It goes without saying that if there is visible damage to the tire, steer clear. However, it pays to inspect closely, as tires may have small punctures or tears not immediately visible.

Age of tire

The date the tire was made is written on the sidewall as a DOT code. The Dot Code usually consists of four numbers usually. These numbers stand for the week and year the tire was made. For example, DOT 2912 would mean that the tire was made the 29th week of 2012. When shopping for used tires, check the DOT code to ensure that you’re buying tires that aren’t more than 5 years old. Even if the tire looks good, tires degrade overtime, and tires that are too old can pose a safety risk.

At GV Tires, we carefully inspect each used tire we sell to ensure maximum safety. We carry brand name tires at competitive prices to save you money. If you are in need of quality used tires, give us a call or drop by. We have two convenient locations in New Westminster and Langley.

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