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Signs you may need a new muffler

Mufflers are one of those things that drivers tend not to think about until an issue arises. Mufflers help your vehicle to run smoothly and efficiently. If your muffler isn’t working properly, you’re going to notice some warning signs. Get your car serviced right away if you think your muffler needs to be repaired or replaced.

  1. Your car is the loudest on the block.

The muffler’s main job is to minimize sound coming from the car’s engine. There are different types of mufflers available, but all of them attach to the exhaust valve and are designed to muffle the  sound. A muffler that is rusted out won’t do as good a job of deflecting the sound waves coming from the engine, and your car is going to rumble and grumble. To avoid a noise complaint or even a fine, get your car serviced as soon as things start sounding off.

2. You notice a bad smell.

This a warning sign that should be taken very seriously. The muffler helps to channel fumes like carbon monoxide away from your vehicle. If its not working correctly, you may be exposed to these fumes while in your car.

3.  You’re spending more on gas

A high quality muffler that is in good condition will improve your car’s fuel efficiency and performance. When a muffler’s working properly, it helps rid your car of exhaust fumes. Your car’s engine can then use fuel more efficiently. So if you find yourself not getting great gas milage, it might be time for a new muffler.

Here at GV Tires, we carry performance exhaust mufflers and exhaust system kits for almost all makes and models of vehicles. If you are in the Burnaby, New Westminster, Langley, Surrey or Greater Vancouver area of BC, give us a call today and we’ll set you up with a muffler to keep your vehicle quiet, safe and running smoothly.

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