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People often use the terms ‘tires’ and ‘wheels’ interchangeably, but these words refer to two different things. A wheel, also known as a rim, is the metal component that the rubber tire is affixed to. The tire is the rubber part that touches the road. Having reliable tires and wheels in good repair on your vehicle is essential to your safety on the road.

When to repair and when to replace

Wheels are made out of steel or aluminum, but are sometimes painted black or other colors. There are many different styles of wheels to choose from to enhance the performance and esthetic appearance of your vehicle.

Damage to wheels is usually pretty noticeable. Dents or scratches to the rims can result from hitting a curb or large pothole while driving on Vancouver roads. Dented, bent or worn rims can cause the tires to be misaligned and can make for a bumpy ride. This in turn will cause excessive wear and tear to your tires and may even cause you to spend more money on fuel as your gas mileage will decrease.

If the damage to the rim is not severe, a qualified mechanic can likely repair it. Since the rim is made of metal, it can often bend without cracking or breaking. Bent rims are fairly easy and inexpensive to fix.

However, if the rim is badly damaged, cracked or broken, it is likely time to replace. Even if it is possible to fix such extensive damage, it will likely be more cost effective to simply replace the rim.

Tires generally have a shorter lifespan than wheels do. Normal wear and tear on tires will result in the treads wearing down. Once treads reach about  4/32″ in depth, it’s a good idea to replace your tires. Even if your treads aren’t too badly worn, if the tires are over 5 years old its also a good idea to get them replaced. If you’re unsure of how old your tires are, simply look for the DOT number on the tires’ sidewalls.

If your tires are fairly new but have minor damage or are slightly deflated, a qualified mechanic can likely repair them for you. If there are large punctures or extensive damage to the sidewall, replacement is recommended.

If you need wheel or tire repair or replacement in the Greater Vancouver area, look no further. We have two convenient locations to serve you and offer a wide selection of both new and used tires and rims at competitive prices.

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