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How to tell if your timing belt needs replaced

Your timing belt plays an important role in keeping your engine running smoothly. Some vehicles will have a timing belt, timing chain or cam belt, depending on the year and model of the car. The timing belt is a ribbed belt that can be found under the timing cover at the front of your car.The timing cover serves to protect your timing belt from dirt and debris on the road.

The timing belt keeps everything in the engine working in sync. The timing belts keeps the engine constantly in motion. Overtime the timing belt can become elongated, cracked, or misaligned. If your timing belt is damaged or slips off the pulleys, your engine can be badly damaged. It’s important to know the signs of a faulty timing belt so that you can get the problem corrected as soon as possible.

Your vehicle’s manufacturer may have suggestions on how often the timing belt should be replaced. If your timing belt is in need of replacing, you will notice some difficulties in how the engine runs. It might be hard to start, or you will hear a rattling sound while its running. You may notice that more exhaust than normal is being expelled as the engine is performing under duress. The engine can misfire if driven with a bad timing belt for long enough.

Regular inspection of your vehicle is necessary to make sure that the timing belt or chain and all other parts are functioning correcting. Even a minor discrepancy of the vehicle can become the cause of a devastating accident on the road. Ignoring timing belt issues for a long time can affect the other parts as well, thus affecting the performance of vehicle in the long run.

At GV Tires, we offer a Full Safety Analysis in which we inspection all of your vehicle’s systems A Complete Automotive Safety Analysis at GV Tires can help to make sure that you will be safe and protected inside your vehicle at all times. We have two convenient locations and area able to service the entire Greater Vancouver area. If you suspect that your timing belt or chain is bad, call us and come in as soon as you can. We will inspect your vehicle and make any necessary repairs or replacements to get you running safely.

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