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GV Tires -Brake pad replacement in The Greater Vancouver area including New Westminster, Langley, Burnaby, Surrey, Coquitlam

Your car’s brakes are a complex system of many moving parts including the calipers, brake pads and rotors. These parts work in conjunction to help bring your vehicle to a complete stop. It’s important for safety on the road to ensure that your entire brake system is functioning correctly. At GV Tires, we encourage motorists to keep an eye on their brake pads and rotors to ensure they are in good working order, and to come in for service immediately if a problem is sensed.

With normal wear and tear, your brake pads will wear thin and need to be replaced. Brake pads will generally need to be replaced more often than the rotors will. If you ever hear a noise when you brake, or if you feel your brakes grind, pulsate or vibrate, then there is a good chance that your brakes are not working at 100% efficiency. In addition, if your feel that your brakes are slow or “soft”, then you may not be able to stop in time if need be.

Since many of these warning signs indicate damage to the rotors, immediate attention should be given. There is a minimum, specified thickness designated for the rotors. If the problem is found early enough, a professional machinist can “turn” the rotor and remove the damaged surface while still leaving a safe rotor thickness. If the warning signs are ignored, the rotor will become so damaged that it wears to an unsafe thickness, and compromises the braking system. At this point, the only safe alternative is replacing the rotor.

Having your brakes serviced at regular intervals is important for the overall safety and smooth running of your vehicle. By routinely checking the pads and replacing them when they go below the safe operating thickness, you can preserve the life and performance of the entire brake system. Regularly checking the brake fluid is another way to be sure severe damage will not be done to the rotors and other critical parts of the system.

At GV Tires, we can check your braking system as part of a full safety analysis. If you are experiencing any troubles with your brakes, come in as soon as possible to ensure that the problem does not worsen.

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