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Oil Change




oil changeAn oil change, quite simply, refers to the removal of old oil from a car’s engine and replacing it with new, clean oil.

Oil is an essential fluid in your engine. It acts as a lubricant so that metal parts do not damage each other when they come into contact. Without oil, the metal-on-metal friction creates can cause overheating and the engine will eventually seize. Also, additives in the oil can accumulate and lessen the oil’s efficiency.  Even if your car has the proper amount of oil, without being changed dirt and particles can accumulate, causing the oil to thicken and work less efficiently.

It’s recommended that you change your car’s oil every three months, or every 3000- 5000 miles. However, the frequency in which you change your oil can vary depending on your manufacturer’s recommendations, road conditions, and the amount of wear and tear on your car.

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