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How often should your brake pads be replaced? | GV Tires New Westminster Langley




brake padYour brakes are one of the most important parts of your car. Your braking system is a set of complex mechanical system that work together to create friction and stop the kinetic energy that is generated when your car is in motion. The friction converts that kinetic energy into heat, which slows down and stops the wheels. Having functioning brakes is necessary to ensure safety on the road. It’s a good idea to replace brake pads every 40,000 to 75, 000 km.
How to tell if your brake pads are worn

You can check your brake pads for wear by looking through the spaces between the wheel’s spokes. The brake pads are attached to a metal rotor. So, the brake pad serves as a buffer between the pistons and the rotor; when the brakes are applied, it pushes against the spinning, and the friction causes it to slow or stop. It is the constant friction which causes brake pads to wear out regularly—no set of brake pads will last forever. The pads should be at the very least a centimeter thick. If they look like they have been worn down thinner than a centimeter, it’s a good idea to get them replaced.

If you notice your brakes making a squealing sound, vibrating, wobbling or shaking when you brake, it’s a good indication your brake pads need replacing. Sometimes the rotor needs replacing as well. Despite the brake pads acting as a buffer, the pressure and friction caused by braking can make the rotors warp or thin out over time. In this case, they will not be able to effectively dissipate the heat generated by braking. Depending on how bad the damage is, the rotor may be able to be repaired.

Brake pads are made from a variety of materials including ceramic, kevlar, glass, rubber and other materials and vary in price. Most vehicle manufacturers will recommend a specific kind of brake pad depending on your car’s make and model.

When you come in for a Complete Safety Analysis we will check your brake pads and braking system to ensure everything is working properly. Our team of mechanics are skilled at Brake Pad & Rotor Installation and will be able to make any necessary repairs promptly and at a reasonable cost. We have two convenient locations in New Westminster and Langley. We carry a variety of brake pad and rotor brands and can find you a good match for your car. Our staff are experienced at working with all types of cars and will treat your vehicle as though it is their own.

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