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5 car noises you shouldn’t ignore

If you’re driving along and you begin to notice an odd noise coming from your car, it may be tempting to turn up the music and keep going. If your car makes a sound briefly and then it stops it’s likely nothing to worry about.However, there are some car noises that you just shouldn’t ignore! Read on to learn about everyday engine sounds, what they mean, and when to come see your trusty local mechanic!

Squealing brakes

A squealing sound while braking can indicate that your brake pads are worn. Your rotors or callipers may also be to blame. Your braking system is one of the essential safety features of your vehicle, so best to get this one checked out!

Grinding sound when shifting gears (manual transmission)

If you’re new to driving a manual transmission, it’s reasonable to grind your gears from time to time. But if your gears are grinding every time you shift, it’s probably a good idea to come in and see a mechanic as it could indicate a problem with your transmission.

Rattling in the engine

A rattling noise, especially when accelerating, could indicate an issue with the engine cylinder, low engine oil, or a timing belt that needs replacement. Your engine is a complicated system;  if it’s crying out for help you’re best to listen!

Roaring muffler

A muffler is an essential part of an engine’s exhaust system. The primary job of a muffler is to reduce the noise produced by the exhaust process. It also directs the exhaust gases safely out the vehicle’s system. If your car is beginning to sound like a race car, it probably means you need a new muffler. This is a repair you don’t want to put off: doing so will result in increased pollution from the vehicle, and your loud exhaust will probably get you some dirty looks from the neighbours!

Popping sounds

A popping sound could indicate spark plugs that need to be replaced, a flat tire, an ignition problem among many other issues. GV Tires has a wide selection of both new and used car parts, so we likely have what you need in stock!

The best way to prevent these problems is with regular maintenance.  Regular tune-ups will ensure your engine is running efficiently and reliably. Engine tune-ups can help prevent breakdowns and extend the life of an automobile. A well-tuned engine will help keep a vehicle operating at maximum performance levels, which is why routine maintenance is so necessary. GV Tires has two convenient locations in New Westminster and Langley, so if your vehicle needs support, give us a call!

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