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Size Brand Load Index & Speed Rate Per tyre price
185/65R14 Nison 86/T $55.00
195/70R14 Nison 91/T $59.00
185/55R15 Constancy 82/V $59.00
185/65R15 Nison 88/H $59.00
195/60R15 Nison 88/V $59.00
195/65R15 Nison 91/V $65.00
205/60R15 Nison 91/H $65.00
205/65R15 Nison 94/V $67.00
205/70R15 Nison 96/T $69.00
215/65R15 Constancy 100/HXL $75.00
215/70R15 Constancy 98/T $75.00
235/70R15 I-LINK 103/T $87.00
195/55R16 Constancy 87/V $57.00
205/50R16 Constancy 91/WXL $57.00
205/55R16 Nison 91/V $65.00
205/60R16 Constancy 92/V $69.00
205/65R16 Constancy 95/T $67.00
215/55R16 Constancy 93/W $67.00
215/60R16 Nison 95/V $67.00
215/65R16 Constancy 98/H $75.00
215/70R16 Nison 99/T $77.00
225/60R16 Nison 98/V $75.00
225/70R16 Nison 101/T $85.00
235/60R16 Constancy 100/T $81.00
235/70R16 Nison 107/T $90.00
245/70R16 Nison 106/T $95.00
265/75R16 Winda 114/T $120.00
205/50R17 Constancy 93/WXL $69.00
215/40R17 Constancy 83/WXL $69.00
215/45R17 Nison 91/WXL $69.00
215/55R17 Nison 94/WXL $75.00
225/45R17 Constancy 94/WXL $75.00
225/50R17 Constancy 94/WXL $75.00
225/55R17 Constancy 97/V $75.00
225/60R17 Winda 99/T $82.00
225/65R17 Constancy 102/T $82.00
235/45R17 Constancy 97/V $75.00
235/55R17 Constancy 97/V $81.00
235/65R17 Constancy 103/T $75.00
235/65R17 Constancy 103/T $90.00
245/65R17 Constancy 105/T $95.00
265/70R17 Winda 115/H $119.00
225/40R18 Constancy 92/WXL $67.00
225/45R18 Constancy 95/WXL $71.00
235/60R18 Constancy 102/T $91.00
245/45R18 Constancy 100/WXL $80.00
                31X10.5R15LT   6PR Constancy 109/Q $94.00
       31X10.5R15LT Winda 109Q WA80+ $109.00
    LT235/75R15 Winda 104/101Q WA80+ $108.00
                LT 225/75R16   10PR Constancy 115/112Q $94.00
   LT225/75R16 Winda 115/112Q WA80+ $104.00
                LT 235/85R16   10PR Constancy 120/116Q $119.00
    LT 235/85R16 Winda 120/116Q WA80+ $129.00
               LT 245/75R16   10PR Constancy 120/116Q $110.00
    LT 245/75R16 Winda 120/116Q WA80+ $115.00
               LT 265/75R16   10PR Constancy 123/120Q $119.00
    LT 265/75R16 Winda 123/120Q WA80+ $129.00
    LT 285/75R16 Winda 122/119Q WA80+ $129.00
               LT 265/70/R17  10PR Winda 121/118Q $129.00
   LT 275/65R18 Winda 123/120Q WA80+ $135.00
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